John Bullinger

John Bullinger is a Senior Associate with Schellman & Company. John brings 25 years of experience in Cybersecurity and IT, including areas such as: network, data, and physical security design, management and assessment, web application security assessments, PCI and SOC compliance, and project management. His work has covered the healthcare, industrial, academic, energy, SaaS, and retail sectors. He holds a B.S. in Management of Information Systems from Bellevue University and has earned multiple certifications, including OSCE, OSCP, GCIH, CISSP, and PMP.

  • CSO and Pen Tester: A Perspective From Both Sides

    CSO and Pen Tester: A Perspective From Both Sides

    Schellman's John Bullinger shares his experiences and best practices for conducting penetration testing from both sides of the coin: as that of a CSO and as a penetration tester.

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