Jose Laureano

Jose Laureano is a Manager of Software Development with Schellman & Company, LLC. Prior to joining Schellman in 2017, Jose worked as a Senior Software Architect at Information Boulevard, specializing in software architecture, cloud computing platforms, big data, IoT and security. Jose has worked in different industries that include finance, mortgage banking, investing, telecom and pharmaceutical. He has worked with companies like Johnson & Johnson, Dow Jones and Comcast building enterprise platforms for global-wide audiences. As a Senior Software Engineer with Schellman, Jose Laureano is focused primarily on architecting enterprise software platforms for supporting Schellman lines of business.

  • Hispanic Heritage Month

    Hispanic Heritage Month

    In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Schellman's Jose Laureano shares the story of his grandmother Ana, a guiding force whose perseverance and wisdom shaped the person, and professional, he is today

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  • Navigating The New Outsourcing Relationship

    Navigating The New Outsourcing Relationship

    A new report found that 31% of IT services in the U.S were outsourced in 2017. The outlook for IT outsourcing is mixed, though, as Brexit seems set to shake up traditional notions of...

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  • We The Machines

    We The Machines

    If technology continues to progress as it is in this current day and age, it’s not ridiculous to picture a digital convention of machines led by the Speaker of the House

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