Nathan Rague

Nathan Rague is a Manager with Schellman where he is focused on identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in client networks, websites, and mobile applications, often in support of FedRAMP and PCI compliance. As a former developer, he has great intuition in how applications are (or should be) built, as well extensive experience in how to break and secure them. Nathan also heads up Schellman’s phishing efforts with self-developed tools and is one of the leaders in maintaining Schellman’s Capture the Flag (CTF) lab. Prior to joining Schellman in 2018, Nathan worked as a Senior Full Stack Developer where he specialized in back-end web application development and user interface design. During this time, he earned a Master of Sciences degree in Cyber Security and became an Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP). He enjoys developing open-source penetration testing tools and frameworks in his spare time.

  • OSWE Review and Exam Preparation Guide

    OSWE Review and Exam Preparation Guide

    For seasoned penetration testers who want to become a true web app exploit guru, OSWE certification delivers. Schellman's Nathan Rague provides an exam guide to help aspiring candidates prepare.

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  • Transitioning into a Penetration Testing Role

    Transitioning into a Penetration Testing Role

    This has been the most rewarding and engaging work and continues to be my dream job, and yet, the transition from full-stack web application developer to penetration tester was daunting.

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