7 hot new IT jobs — and why they just might stick

August 18, 2017 PAUL HELTZEL

Unusual job titles aren’t new in the IT world. Before the Twitter ninja and social media rockstar, before the webmaster was hired to conjure up HTML sorcery, there was the software evangelist, an IT job title that merged the worlds of sales and religion. In the early ’80s an Apple executive coined the term for an Apple marketer who would praise the first Macintosh to potential developers and customers.

Since then, as firms have looked to boost innovation, cut costs, or improve security, new IT job titles have been forged to catch attention and signal a possible way forward. Scan IT job sites like Glassdoor, Indeed or LinkedIn and you’ll see bizarre IT job one-offs – Microsoft, for example, has a chief storyteller, and Google a chief futurist -- but also hundreds of (somewhat) recent additions and with openings like innovation manager.

Here, we look at 7 new or newly focused IT positions that experts say may sound a bit strange but are needed in today’s workplace and are here to stay.

Penetration tester

Most IT pros say it’s not a matter of whether a company needs a penetration tester but what kind — and whether the hire is a full-time gig. Either way, the era of hackers on the payroll is upon us.

“Ultimately it is the needs of the enterprise — post [the hacks of] Target and Home Depot — that really pushed penetration into the spotlight,” says Russ Wickless of Schellman and Co.’s threat and vulnerability assessment team. “Penetration testing can range in duties across a broad spectrum of work. Engagements can be anything from testing applications in the cloud to an on premise social engineering exercise to test a company’s physical security.”

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