From ACA to cyberattacks to tech hiring, 2018 will be challenging for CEOs

January 11, 2018 Avani Desai

CEOs who play it safe will be putting themselves and their companies at risk in 2018. It will be a year of dynamic change—from keeping up with new technologies to holding on to their best and brightest.

A cornucopia of challenges awaits them and the savvy, astute CEO will be the one who is aware of this and prepared for it.

Staying on the straight and narrow just invites mediocrity because it “leaves a lot of room untapped for success,” said Karen Brown, CEO of Velocity Leadership Consulting. “It’s better to work through blind spots.”

For instance, some CEOs “do the same thing year after year,” like making decisions relying solely on data, Brown said. “They should solicit diverse input.”

Data management needs ‘brainpower’

Data management and safeguarding are seen as key in 2018.

Companies are going to face a challenge with the compliance, security, and their risk talent pipeline, said Avani Desai, principal of Schellman & Company, a security and privacy compliance concern.

“As technology is outpacing regulations and compliance, companies are going to have to find the brain power, specifically those who are well rounded and understand the technical, legal and compliance complexity at the same time realizing the impact to the business,” Desai said.

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About the Author

Avani Desai

Avani Desai the President at Schellman. Avani has more than 15 years of experience in IT attestation, risk management, compliance and privacy. Avani’s primary focus is on emerging healthcare issues and privacy concerns for organizations. Named as one of the 2017 Global Leaders in Consulting by Consulting Magazine she has also been featured and published in the ISSA Journal, ITSP Magazine, ISACA Journal, Information Security Buzz, Healthcare Tech Outlook, and many more.

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