HIPAA Misconceptions Still Plague Healthcare Providers

July 12, 2017 Gary Nelson


HIPPO.pngEven after years of living with HIPAA and its many requirements, healthcare providers still labor under misconceptions that could lead to noncompliance penalties, says Gary Nelson, healthcare practice leader of Schellman & Company, a security and privacy compliance assessor in Tampa, FL.

“Odds are that you have probably encountered a healthcare provider with a sign referring to the rules they must follow for ‘HIPPA regulations,’” Nelson says. “H-I-P-P-A instead of H-I-P-A-A. It’s usually a safe bet that if the individuals responsible for a provider’s healthcare compliance have not read the regulations closely enough to use the correct acronym, there’s a pretty good chance that there are some misunderstandings in how to apply the regulations to their practice or organization.”

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Gary Nelson

Gary Nelson is a Principal at Schellman. Gary currently helps lead Schellman’s HITRUST and DEA EPCS practices and has been a leading expert of both HITRUST for healthcare service organizations and DEA EPCS for providers of electronic prescription and electronic pharmacy applications. Having completed over 500 service audits, Gary is one of the most experienced service auditors in the United States.

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