The 11 Most Difficult IT Hires Today

January 30, 2018 Schellman & Company

Ask any recruiter or tech pro what roles are most hard to fill in 2018, and you won’t be shocked.

AI and data science jobs are at the top of the list, in part because they’re relatively young technologies, and they’re being introduced in all sorts of companies going through their digital transformation.

At the same time, there are some surprises. We’ve focused on those here, both to identify the demand for managers doing the hiring and to help IT pros interested in exploring new opportunities in fields that are in immediate need and have a bright future.

Penetration Testers With A Scientific Mind-Set

Finding candidates with the right tech skills in 2018 is less of an issue than finding ones with problem-solving chops. For example, cyber security skills are in high demand but so is a proactive mindset, making high-value penetration testers hard to come by.

“Many testers can run tools, find bugs, and even exploit them,” says Doug Barbin, principal cyber security analyst at Schellman & Co.

“If you can’t take that finding and translate into a clear statement of risk and threat, those reports also become noise and may drive the wrong action or inaction. The perpetual student or scientist — always looking for new challenges and ways to do things — are the types of soft skills that are not always common but worth their weight in gold when you find them.”

GDPR Experts — And Data Privacy In General

Companies that employ personal data from European residents need to be in compliance with the EU’s data protection regulations by May 2018. Yet finding tech pros with experience in this area has proven difficult.

“It’s just such a hot area at the moment, but also much newer than our other lines of service,” says Lori Jendrucko, talent manager at Schellman & Co. Jendrucko says it’s been especially difficult to hire women in IT audit areas generally.

“There are just not as many entering the field as men, which is why we concentrate on finding women that are a great fit.”

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