Verizon Releases 2019 Payment Security Report (PSR)


Today, Verizon released its 2019 Payment Security Report (PSR)

For the first time, Verizon has worked with other entities as contributors to the data underlying their analysis and reporting, and Schellman & Company was one of the first five entities who contributed to the PSR. More than just statistics about requirements that assessors found as in place or not in place, the PSR looks at compliance programs more broadly and the ways of measuring effectiveness, sustainability, and integration with the business at large. It also explains the global state of PCI DSS compliance with some insights added from incident data and provides several appendices considering mobile security, incident response preparation, responsibilities for leadership, and further reading.

The report is freely available at the link above, and Schellman is happy to discuss its contents with respect to your PCI DSS compliance efforts.

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Jacob Ansari

Jacob Ansari is a Senior Manager at Schellman & Company. Jacob performs and manages PCI DSS assessments. Additionally, Jacob oversees other Payment Card Industry assessment services, namely PA-DSS, P2PE, and 3DS. Jacob's career spans nearly 20 years of information security consulting and assessment services, including network and application security assessments, penetration testing, forensic examinations, security code review, and assessment of cryptographic systems. Jacob has performed payment card security compliance assessments since the payment card brands operated their own standards prior to the advent of PCI DSS.

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