Control Mapping

June 15, 2020 Douglas Barbin

Control mapping is where you take two or more compliance domains or sets of requirements and bring them together at that magical point - your unique control activities.

But control mapping is tough.

Doug Barbin breaks it down in this weeks compliance reliance.

About the Author

Douglas Barbin

Doug Barbin is a principal (co-owner) and firm-wide cybersecurity and compliance services leader where he spends most of his time developing, launching, managing, and adapting Schellman's attestation, compliance, and certification offerings. As such, he is privileged to work with many of the world's leading cloud computing, federal, FinTech, healthcare, AI, and security provider clients. Doug has more than 24 years’ experience and maintains multiple CPA licenses, along with CISSP, CIPP, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, and QSA certifications. He is very active in industry organizations and regularly speaks and teaches on cloud security, AI, FedRAMP, and other compliance frameworks.

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