Dark Basin

June 29, 2020 Jacob Ansari

This week we're not talking kitchen sink trends but rather the hack-for-hire group, Dark Basin.

Targeting both individuals and organizations, Jacob Ansari breaks down what they are up to and what lessons we can take away.

About the Author

Jacob Ansari

Jacob Ansari is a Senior Manager at Schellman & Company. Jacob performs and manages PCI DSS assessments. Additionally, Jacob oversees other Payment Card Industry assessment services, namely PA-DSS, P2PE, and 3DS. Jacob's career spans nearly 20 years of information security consulting and assessment services, including network and application security assessments, penetration testing, forensic examinations, security code review, and assessment of cryptographic systems. Jacob has performed payment card security compliance assessments since the payment card brands operated their own standards prior to the advent of PCI DSS.

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