What to Expect with the PCI DSS V4.0 Release

March 31, 2022 Matt Crane

So you've probably heard about PCI DSS v.4 and you're asking yourself

"When can I expect the new release and what about the new requirements?"

Schellman's Matt Crane provides an overview in this quick 2-minute video. For a more in-depth look at the new release, you can read Matt Howard's post, What's New in PCI DSS v4.0

About the Author

Matt Crane

Matthew Crane is a Manager with Schellman & Company, LLC. Prior to joining Schellman in July of 2017, Matt worked as a Security Consultant Team Lead, specializing in PCI and NIST CSF assessments. As a Manager with Schellman, Matt is focused primarily on PCI-DSS Compliance for organizations across various industries.

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