• How Can I Make a More Quantifiable Impact with My Philanthropic Endeavors?

    How Can I Make a More Quantifiable Impact with My Philanthropic Endeavors?

    Schellman's Will Carlson offers guidance on how you can make the most impact with your charitable donations

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  • Voices of Asia

    Voices of Asia

    Schellman's Nisha Sunadham shares her family's immigration story, in honor of AAPI Heritage Month

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  • First Female Principal

    First Female Principal

    In honor of Women's History Month we spotlight Debbie Zaller, Schellman's first female Principal

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  • No More Hidden Figures

    No More Hidden Figures

    Spotlighting Black tech leaders in honor of Black History Month

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  • National Self-Check Month

    National Self-Check Month

    Be proactive about your health and wellness

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  • The Silver Linings of COVID

    The Silver Linings of COVID

    Despite the challenges of the pandemic, I believe that there are also silver linings to be found for all of us.

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  • Learning in the “New Normal”

    Learning in the “New Normal”

    Though our personal and professional routines have changed, the importance of learning remains constant. Schellman's Sabrah Wilkerson shares advice on maintaining a learning mindset

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  • Schellman BRAVO: Serving Our Veterans

    Schellman BRAVO: Serving Our Veterans

    In partnering with Hire Heroes USA, Schellman BRAVO is an Employee Resource Group committed to serving veterans already on staff as well as those transitioning from military service

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  • My Adoption Story

    My Adoption Story

    Schellman's Sabrah Wilkerson shares the adoption story of her son Jonah, in honor of National Adoption Month

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  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Schellman's Misty Jacusis shares her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment story in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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  • Down Syndrome Awareness Month

    Down Syndrome Awareness Month

    Schellman's Justin Molinari brings attention to the importance of breaking stigmas and building supportive, inclusive communities for those with DS, in honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month

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  • Hispanic Heritage Month

    Hispanic Heritage Month

    In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Schellman's Jose Laureano shares the story of his grandmother Ana, a guiding force whose perseverance and wisdom shaped the person, and professional, he is today

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  • Women in Technology

    Women in Technology

    Schellman President Avani Desai brings accomplishments of STEM women to the forefront

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  • The Need for Diversity in the Accounting Industry

    The Need for Diversity in the Accounting Industry

    Hiring of minorities in the accounting industry remains inexcusably low. Schellman President Avani Desai shares practices that can be implemented for instilling effective workplace diversity

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  • Schellman: The Transformers

    Schellman: The Transformers

    No matter our location, Schellman team members come together or rearrange to achieve the unified goal of providing quality work. Does this liken us to Transformers? Edward Delgado shares insights

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  • Love McKinley – Fighting the Fight to End Childhood Cancer

    Love McKinley – Fighting the Fight to End Childhood Cancer

    Schellman's Carrie Davis shares McKinley's childhood cancer story and how her journey inspired the Love McKinley organization

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  • Schellman Stories: Transplant Journey

    Schellman Stories: Transplant Journey

    Schellman's Nikita Patel shares her incredible transplant journey story, in honor of National Minority Donor Awareness Month.

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  • National Wellness Month: Staying Physically, Mentally, and Socially Well

    National Wellness Month: Staying Physically, Mentally, and Socially Well

    August is National Wellness Month and Schellman's Eric Aulbach discusses the importance of making yours, and your loved ones' health, a top priority.

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  • Our Historic Summer

    Our Historic Summer

    Schellman's Karen Greene shares how her family, inspired by a trip to see the musical Hamilton, decided to embrace history during the unprecedented summer of 2020.

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  • Schellman Stories: John Cartwright

    Schellman Stories: John Cartwright

    Schellman's John Cartwright, who always had a love of writing, started as a reporter and eventually found his way to IT assessments and auditing. He shares his story.

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